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Left: Cover art Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by J. Allen St. John.      

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The ERBCOF-List is an electronic discussion group and communication service. Officially known as ERBCOF-L, the list was established for persons interested in the life, works, and worlds of author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although anyone may subscribe to the list, it will be of most interest to serious Burroughs enthusiasts. Its contents should always relate in some way to Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of TARZAN OF THE APES, and more than seventy other volumes of fiction. There are presently a few dozen serious ERB fans and collectors (out of a couple of thousand total in the world) who are also on the InterNet. Subscribers have the opportunity to engage in critical discussions of matters Burroughsian, as well as to post messages announcing fan get-togethers, or about collecting, buying, and selling Burroughs related material. The List serves as an electronic news service, reporting new publications of Burroughs works, new productions of Burroughs in other media, reports of fan get-togethers, Burroughs conventions, new items on the market, etc. Now you can join us.

The ERBCOF-List does not accept commercial advertising. A commercial advertisment is defined as a business offering of items for sale. Personal collectors, individuals, may occasionally post a maximum of three items for sale at a single time as long as the material is ERB-related and is not part of a commercial enterprise. Excessive, or repeated offers will be considered posting with commercial intent. Violators will be issued a warning to cease such posting. Repeat offenders will be unlinked and banned.

The late Frank Shonfeld of England had been a correspondent of Edgar Rice Burroughs for some three decades, until Burroughs' death in 1950. In his later years, Frank established a loose network of pen pals who shared his love for Burroughs, the man and his works. He eventually named this group the Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship. This electronic extension of his original informal group is thus named in honor of the memory of Frank Shonfeld. ERBCOF-List went into operation in August, 1996.

Image of Frank Shonfeld and Danton
Frank Shonfeld and Danton Burroughs [ERB's grandson] at the Louisville ECOF 1986.

Image of Frank Shonfeld at
Frank Shonfeld at home in England with some of his ERB memorabilia.


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(e) (Temporary?) ex-member Mike Resnick is not proud of his ERB pastiche fan writings from earlier days; he will not appreciate your defending them; he will not autograph them for you; and if you ask him, he will tell you so. So give him a rest!

Image of St.
John's Tarzan and the Golden LionRight: J. Allen St. John's Tarzan and The Golden Lion

[5] EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: "Edgar Rice Burroughs (l875-l950) is known as the Grandfather of American Science Fiction. He predicted the invention of radar, sonar, television, teletype, the radio compass, the automatic pilot, homing devices on bombs and torpedoes, genetic cloning, living organ transplants, antigravity propulsion and many other concepts deemed totally fantastic in his time. His soaring imagination, coupled with the sure instinct of a master storyteller, assures him a position of honor among American writers of the twentieth century." George T. McWhorter [see below] from his "Biographical Sketch" of ERB, published as a Dum-Dum souvenir in l992:

Image of George T.
McWhorter[6] EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS MEMORIAL COLLECTION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE: GEORGE T. MCWHORTER (a.k.a. "Tublat"), CURATOR , Burroughs Memorial Collection, Rare Books, Ekstrom Library, The University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 40292; GTM is editor of LIBRARY REVIEW, THE BURROUGHS BULLETIN, & THE GRIDLEY WAVE. The ERB Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville consists of more than 70,000 books and related items, donated by McWhorter in honor of his mother. This archive includes all first editions, reprints in 30 languages, pulps, comics, fanzines, newspaper serials and comics, films and filmscripts, pastiches, toys and games, fanzines, original art and sculpture, posters, periodicals and reference books. Hours are l0 A.M. to 4 P.M. weekdays (weekends by appointment only). Call George T. McWhorter, Curator, at 502-852-8729, or E-mail at: GTMCWH01@GWISE.LOUISVILLE.EDU for more information. Visitors and researchers always welcome.

Image of Burroughs Empire Medal face         These are views of the Burroughs Empire Medal Medal,

        "In Recognition of Dedication and Service to the Memory

        of Edgar Rice Burroughs and His Fans.  Awarded to George

        T. McWhorter, Jeddak of Jasoom, Baltimore, Maryland, 5

        August 1998" at the banquet celebration of the1998 Dum-Dum

        of the Burroughs Bibliophiles.  The medal was sculpted by ERB

        fan and artist Duane Adams.  The "worlds" of the Burroughs Empire

        are "Africa - Amtor - Arizona - Barsoom - Caspak - Chicago -

        Pellucidar - Poloda."

Image of Burroughs Empire Medal back         

On the reverse, the decorative border reads "George T. McWhorter - Burroughs Empire Medal" in the Amtorian script invented by Burroughs for his novels set on his imagined world, our planet Venus, which he termed Amtor.

THE BURROUGHS BIBLIOPHILES: In 1960, ten years after the death of Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Burroughs Bibliophiles fan club was organized, and Clarence "Bob" Hyde was elected first president. In 1998, he is still President Emeritus and Chairman of the Board, and the fans are proud of his distinguished service record. In July, 1947, the first issue of The Burroughs Bulletin was published be Vern Coriell (1918-1987) who was known as "the father of Burroughs fandom." His was the first fanzine to be devoted exclusively to Burroughs, and became the official magazine of the new fan club in 1960, while "The Gridley Wave" became its official monthly newsletter. In 1990, these two publications were continued as "new series" edited and published by George T. McWhorter. There are currently (January, l997) 775 active members of the BURROUGHS BIBLIOPHILES, including the USA and l8 foreign countries.


The first image of Tarzan by Clinton Pettee from 1912.

THE BURROUGHS BIBLIOPHILES -- $28/Year George McWhorter 505-852-8729

BURROUGHS BULLETIN and THE GRIDLEY WAVE Ekstrom Library - Burroughs Memorial Collection University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40492 GTMCWH01@GWISE.LOUISVILLE.EDU

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS NEWS DATELINE -- $12 for 4 issues Ed., Mike Conran (616-457-1446) 1990 Pine Grove Drive, Jenison, Michigan 49428  TANAR@JUNO.COM

ERBANIA -- $8 for 4 issues Ed., Pete Ogden (813-884-8144 ) 8410 Lopez Drive, Tampa, FL 33615 erbania@juno.com

ERB COLLECTOR -- Bill Ross, Ed., (1-301-839-6666 Daytime; 1-410-269-0915 Evening) 7315 Livingston Road, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20745.  Published twice a year (November and May).  Current issue $6.00 (USA), $7.00 (Canada), $8.00 (Outside North America); two issue subscription: $10.00 (USA), $12.00 Canada, $14.00 (Outside North America).  BILLROSS2@JUNO.COM

FANTASTIC WORLDS OF ERB -- $17.50 for 4 issues Ed., Frank Westwood, 77 Pembroke Road, Seven Kings, Ilford Essex, IG3 8PQ England

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS AMATEUR PRESS ASSOCIATION Ed., Steve Miller (Limited Membership) 2201 Loreco St. #316, Bossier City, Louisiana 71112

THE L.A. Sub-ERB NEWSLINE From the L.A. Chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles Ed., James Van Hise* ((619) 365-5836) 57754 Onaga Trail ,Yucca Valley, CA 92264 [* You may also order EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS' FANTASTIC WORLDS, 192 pages of essays on ERB's Science Fiction Universe from James Van Hise for $21.95 (includes shipping).]

ERB-NOTIZEN (in German) Ed., Kurt Denkena, Postfach 750 331 D-28723 Bremen, Germany

ERB-dom & THE FANTASTIC COLLECTOR -- $12 for 4 issues (only partially related to Burroughs) Ed., Caz Cazedessus, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

image of Bob Zeuschner For those who collect books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, there is "EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: The Exhaustive Scholar's and Collector's Descriptive Bibliography of Periodical, Hardcover, Paperback, and Reprint Editions" by Robert Zeuschner. Published by McFarland & Co., 1996:  The second printing will soon be out-of-print from McFarland for $46.50.   Call 1-800-253-2187 to order for $46.50.

Professional artist and lifelong ERB fan Dave Hoover is offering ERB portfolios.  I have them and they are beautiful black ink drawings of various heroes, heroines, and beasts from Burroughs' worlds.  The most recent portfolio is three plates and sells for $12 plus $3 p&h.  Contact Dave for details at hoovfam@yahoo.com .

Glenn Erardi's new book, Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs, is expected in February, 2000, for $34.90 postpaid.  His earlier book, Guide to Tarzan Collectibles (1998), is still available as of February, 2000, for $33.90 postpaid.  Click on Glenn's name to visit his web page and learn more about his book.    


Image of "My Editorial Staff."

Left: A recent image of Tarzan by Tom Yeates.

We have lost the excellent "tarzan.com" site of Stephen Armstrong, which was found at: http://www.tarzan.com/. It was a treasure trove of information about ERB and his books, and also included many links which connected you to other Burroughs-related sites. Since 1999, the URL has been acquired by Disney to promote its animated feature film, Tarzan, and it will doubtless remain under Disney's authority for some time to come.  It remains a very interesting site, if you are interested in the film, which I recommend.

Ed Stephans' site makes a very serious attempt to link to EVERY Tarzan-related site on the world wide web. It is very ambitious and very well done. There are at least a dozen links to Burroughs-related places, and includes at least two feminist academic tracts on the character of Tarzan. It is perhaps as good a place to start as the "tarzan.com" mentioned above. Highly recommended! It is: http://www.wwu.edu/~stephan/Tarzan/

Another site to consider is the one operated by Trendmaster Toys: http:/www.trendmaster.com/

The "Adventure House" site is offering a reproduction of the original "Tarzan of the Apes" ALL-STORY tale. It can be purchased by contacting: http://www.adventurehouse.com//

A Japanese ERB site: http://www.nsknet.or.jp/~hideman/index.htm . It has Japanese ERB book covers, etc.

Image of Joe Lara as Tarzan.

 In 1996-97 we enjoyed debating the merits of Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, the syndicated television show, starring Joe Lara.  T:EA even enjoyed an unauthorized web page established by Cody M. Phoenix.  It was disbanded after the TV show left the air, though Lara fans continue to support their favorite "hunk" elsewhere on the Internet.

Tarzan and the Lost City Logo

The recent film, Tarzan and the Lost City, something of a "B-picture" sequel to Greystoke, received mixed reviews from both fans and critics.  Your humble ERBCOF-L web master was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed it. The distributor, Warner Brothers, provides an informative webpage devoted to the film.

Most ERB fans Disney Tarzan film while simultaneously wincing at the re-runs of the Wolf Larson Tarzan TV series.  See some of the Disney art referenced here.

Wave file of Epic Adventures theme: Tarzan96.WAV

Tarzan in the Movies and on TV:   http://www.intrepid.net/~jkerr/bunkum/tarzan.htm


The Barsoomian Blade, the oldest tabloid newspaper on Mars, is now online at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/5236/ "Take a look, and let me know what ya think." Jeff Long

ERB Atlas, the Pellucidar themed map site of Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood:   http://www.donet.com/~bwood/index.shtml 

Tangor's ERB web sites:

Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth is an amateur Burroughsian scholar with a variety of websites addressing the various aspects of Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom, from the serious to the delightful! He also operates Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserver (ERB-List), a friendly and sometimes high volume email discussion group.  Begin your search of his Burroughs' domains at TANGOR'S BEYOND.

A Barsoom Glossary - Extensive Reference site dedicated to Barsoom (Mars) and Caspak (The Land That Time Forgot), Fan Fiction, Images, and Poetry.

ERB-List - Edgar Rice Burroughs Listserver web presence. Also contains links to the ERB Persona Directory and is home for the only ERBFAQ on-line, and Tangor's 3,000+ links to ERB sites on the net.

ERBmania! - General ERB fan site encompassing all the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Heavily illustrated with original art by Tangor.

ERB4Sale - Free service to those wishing to sell ERB-related items but do not have websites of their own.

Tangor's Beyond - Serious reference site with on-line ERB Bibliography, ERB Chronology, ERB First Paragraphs, ERB Book Reviews, ERB Pastiche Bibliography, and commentary from ERB scholars on the net.

Whizzle's SF - Fun and Parody. Irreverent but family (PG-13) ERB fun.

Please notify ERBCOF-List manager, Jim Thompson, {thompsonj@apsu.edu}with corrections and additions.]

Tarzan is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Box 570277, Tarzana, California 91357.  Burroughs' novels and related material in any media are subject to copyright by ERB, Inc., 1914-2006.  ERB, Inc. phone is 818-344-0181 and fax is  818-344-7109.

You might enjoy visiting the web page of the Tarzana Chamber of Commerce too.

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