Study Breaks and Other Web Diversions for Dr. Thompson's Human A&P and Principles of Evolution Students

It's OK to listen to music while you study.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Need a study break?  Swat flies!  Click here or here. 

Perhaps you prefer to swat mosquitoes?  Click here or here or here.  This last one is my favorite.  Wait and they get bigger!

Tired of swatting skeeters?  Prefer to save the world?  Click here.

Is studying still bugging you?  Click here.

Do you need just 30 seconds of diversion?  Click here or here.

Would you rather be driving through a wooded countryside?  Maybe not?  Click here.

Here's another road risk to watch out for:  Click here.

How about biking through an amusement park?  Amusing?  Maybe not?  Click here.

I don't recommend you driving here!

Perhaps a trip to outer space would refresh you?  Click here.

Or perhaps you'd like to follow Matt as he dances his way around the world?  Click here.

Here's more of Matt dancing.  Click here.

My cousin Abbey recommends that you battle aliens in Onslaught.

Would you rather visit Unusual Roadside Attractions?

What kind of car are you?

Check out Beloit College's MINDSET LIST  for the Class of 2012.

How about some inspirational quotations?  Click here.

Get involved in research by rating the attractiveness of human bodies at the bodyLAB.

gummy bear rewards for reading

Do you need a little musical stress relief.  Click here.  Then wait for the all four horses and a fence to load.  Make sure your sound is on.  Then click on each horse. Re-click on any horse to turn it off or back on again.  Try clicking on the horses from left to right, then right to left, then just one or two at a time.  Enjoy!

If you like syncopated percussion.  Click here.

For a livelier musical interlude, try "We Like the Moon."

For lovely choral music, try the Helsinki Complaint Choir.

If you wonder what the "baby boomers" are doing musically these days, click here.

If it's your birthday, click here. and I'll sing you a birthday song.

Click here for some ABBA tunes set to nature photography.

If you are a fan of heavy metal music, try The Metal Report.

If you like hamburgers, click here. and enjoy the hamburger song.

Do you feel you've had quite enough?  Click Here.

Have you had a bad day at the office?  Click Here.

How about some inspirational grrl scout power?  Click Here.

Do you need to get up off the couch and move around for your break?  Try the slingshot!

Perhaps you just need to whack a penguin across the ice?  Click here.

For OK GO's song and dance, click "A Million Ways."

For a five minute summary of the evolution of dance, click here.

To see how well deaf Chinese girls can dance, click here.

Try the Dancing Skeleton.  Turn on your sound. Be sure to move the cursor in time with the music.  Move your cursor and watch what happens.  Use the pointer and click on one or more of the boxes in the upper right corner.

How about a bird break dancing?  Click here.

Here's one good reason to like cats.  Click here.

How about a pair of cats exercising on a treadmill?  Click here.

Would you adopt Pinky the cat?  Click here.

I'll bet your cat doesn't drink from the faucet like this one.  Click here.

How about a story about a tiger who lost her cubs.  Click here.

How about a good plan for failing all your courses?  Click here.

Are you a budding artist:  Try ArtPad.

If you become a bad enough artist, your work might get displayed at The Museum of Bad Art.

Care to take a health quiz to determine your "real" age and life expectancy?  Click here.

If you like ice cream, here are recommendations for the best, state by state.

Would you like to take a short quiz about everyday things?  Click here.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?  Test your math skills here.

Were You Frightened by a Movie as a Child?  You're not alone.  Visit Kindertrauma.

Are you familiar with The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Did you know that physicist Stephen Hawking says The Simpsons is the best show on US TV?

If you like to read books for pleasure, try the Book Quiz.

Want to play games from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Want to learn how to carve a virtual Halloween pumpkin?  It's not so easy, but give it a try!  Click here or here or my favorite here.

Are you a dog person?  Try the Dog Follies.

For Dog Lovers Only.

If you are a cat person, try Cat Thumbs and Cats in Sinks.

If you are a cat person or like Chinese food, you may not want to click here?

If you've ever imagined giving a lion a great big hug, click here.

If you want to learn more about the secrets of E-mail punctuation, visit zefrank.

If you like television programs, you can waste a lot of time at JumpTheShark.

Are you interested in the latest consumer conveniences from the Orient?  Click here.

Want to play some Eighties Games?

Want to play some CandyStand Games?

Want to play some Gamesville Games?  One of my former students recommends their "Poke the Penguin."

How about some ancient recipes from WeightWatchers?

Just need the current time?

Here's the web site of a science teacher in Great Britain with too much time on his hands, but there's plenty of good science here along with all the foolishness.  Click here.

Check out "Houdini's cat."

Are your heroes Zeroes?

Avoid this site if you object to shocking images:  Tesla Down Under.

Check out the vegetarian Greek tragedy, Oedipus the Movie.

What would the creature in the Alien movies look like, if it were a vegetarian?  Click here.

Check out the 48 Hour Film Project.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss?  Check out Kiss Tester!

For husbands and fathers only!

Helpful Hints for New Parents.

You might find Diablo Cody's blog interesting.

Be careful when you supersize your supper.

For at least one chicken, the answer to "why does the chicken crosses the road?"

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.  Click here.

Are you concerned about global overpopulation?  Perhaps you should be.

NOVA's World in the Balance

Population Reference Bureau

The Hive Group:  Wikipedia:  Population, Density and Area of Countries


Understanding Exponential Growth

Human Carrying Capacity of Earth

Closer to Home is the Drought in Tennessee

Don't worry if you never quite decide what to do when you grow up.  As long as the bills are paid, you'll be OK.  Further, despite what the propaganda of American culture preaches to us, we ought not to define ourselves or our success in life by our career.  We should work in order to live; not live in order to work.  Be the best individual, friend, spouse and parent you can be!  (That will include your contribution to getting the bills paid.)  Be a good citizen.  I think you'll be happier that way and you'll look back on your life later with more satisfaction.  Somewhere I read, and believe, that you will never find a tombstone which reads, "I wish I had spent more time at my job."  JFT

Just be sure to choose appropriate music!

Last updated on November 1, 2012.

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I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front of the line. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!



SNUGGLING ON THE BEACH:  This unique video is of a tourist who sat on the beach to watch the seals and penguins on Gold Harbor, South Georgia.  Unexpectedly, one of the seals is apparently attracted to her and, slowly works his way over to her.  He seems to 'falls in love' and snuggles and flirts with her.  It is quite an unusual and interesting scene.  The seals are huge (6,000 lbs), yet she never seemed afraid...more amused...while someone shot the video of this incident.  Gold Harbor, South Georgia, is located off the southern tip of South America. (sub arctic)  It is a small bay five miles S-SW of Cape Charlotte, with Bertrab Glacierat its head, along the east end of Georgia.  The west end of the beach where a glacial stream flows is a breeding ground for various types of penguins and large seals....It is not a frequent destination for tourists.  (Knowing how aggressive seals can be, I would have been scared witless by this encounter.  Dr. T.)